Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Reflexology and Massage?

Many people confuse Reflexology with Massage. There are many differences between these two modalities – each having its own strengths, application, techniques and educational requirements, for example. Massage is performed to the soft tissues of the body. Reflexology is performed on the feet, hands or ears. Only shoes and socks and jewelry are removed.

What is your certification?

I am certified with the Reflexology Association of Canada (40 yr old organization)
Training consists of class time, lectures and studies in:
• Anatomy and physiology
• Understanding the body’s systems
• Reflexology history
• Reflexology theory and practices
• Business and professional ethics
Additional requirements for certification included:
• 60 hours of hands-on work with a qualified supervisor
• Passing a written national exam
• Completion of a practical exam
• Submission of min. 60 documentations of case studies

There is also a code of conduct and standardized care associated with
national certification. In order to maintain certification, reflexologists must
qualify annually.
I graduated and received my certificate in Feb/2003
I also several continuing education certificates including:
Cranio Sacral Reflexology and Facial (Dien Chen) Reflexology

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?

Answer – Yes, reflexology can do wonders for changes a women’s body experiences during pregnancy. Benefits range from alleviating back pain to reducing fluid retention, balancing hormones, as well as regulating moods. It is known that regular treatments also shorten the length of labour. However, many
practitioners would recommend waiting until after your 1st trimester before having a treatment (after 12 weeks of pregnancy). If your term is 12 weeks or more, I look forward to hearing from you. If you’re in first stages of pregnancy, 1-12 weeks, and in real need of care, please call me to discuss your case.

Are you able to issue a receipt for reflexology reimbursement by my extended health insurance benefit plan?

Yes I can issue a receipt. However if you’re in need of insurance reimbursement it is necessary to confirm coverage by consulting with your employer or extended health insurance plan agent. I am covered by some policies with Manulife Insurance and Green Shield. Presently it is not regulated by our government, such as medical doctors, registered massage therapists, Naturopathic doctors and a few others.  My credentials title is “Certified Reflexologist”

Are there any foot reflexology contraindications or cautions?

Yes. Although reflexology has many benefits, it is cautioned or not advisable to have treatments if any of these conditions exist:
• a contagious or infectious disease such as athletes foot
• recent surgery (malignant tumor)
• wounds, burns, or foot infections
• deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis (painful inflammation of leg veins)
• cardiovascular heart conditions
• pregnancy up to first trimester
• daily users of strong pain medications such as Morphine because your body will release natural pain killing endorphin’s of the same substance. Too high of a concentration may be present in your body


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