My Story

Denise Deleeuw, RCRT (Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist)

I began my journey with my cooking diplomas in 1992 and over the years expanded my knowledge in different types of vegetarian nutrition. This became even more valuable in the 90ʼs when my son was diagnosed with ADD as we used a Nutrition and Herbal plan I compiled to help him wean off of Ritalin with success. In 2000 I started exploring the Healing Touch modality.

It was developed by an RN in the 80ʼs and was brought to Canada and shared with many other health professionals. I was fortunate to learn these energetic healing techniques in 1999 to 2004.

After experiencing amazing treatments of Reflexology, I started my Reflexology studies, in 2002, at OUC and received my diploma in 2003 under the Reflexology Association of Canada. I continue to take continuing education and Advanced courses in the many types of Reflexology from teachers from around the world.

2005, Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics.
2008 to 2010, my Advanced Level of Cranio Sacral Reflexologies.

With this training, I have my Professional Ranking and my services can be claimed through some insurance companies. Utilizing my knowledge of herbs, supplements, and nutrition, I am now symptom free of my previous issues with arthritis. When I had my Hysterectomy I decided that I didn’t want to experience any more hot flashes, night trips to the bathroom, etc., so I applied my tools and now I am free of those symptoms too. Over the years I have taken many courses to offer you in my Wellness practice- such as:

Iridology, Hair Analysis (Body systems assess), Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Quantum Touch, PSYCH-K, ERT( Energy Reflex Checking), Zyto Compass (Foods and Body System Assess), and Herbs.

I may use only one or a combination of these different tools to help with your health concerns and help you back to well being. Whatever You are most comfortable with. I have worked with all ages- Pregnant Moms- babies to people in the 90ʼs.

It is my passion and pleasure to be supporting you in Wellness.